The Vanguards of Darkwind
The life and times of the Vanguards, a gang struggling to survive in the wastelands of Evan, based on the game Darkwind by Psychic Software

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The dream of a Vanguard

February 15, 2008

Howard Spicer sat alone in the bar. He nursed a glass of firewater, the fiery spirit of distilled cactus sap known as Mezcal. “Hey, Boss.” Amy Banuelos ambled over and pulled up a chair. The team’s scout, she was effective and popular, although Howard knew that the gang had more respect for the conspicuous bravery […]

A voice from the grave

February 13, 2008

It took a lot to surprise Dexter. Dust storms, mutant rad-frogs, gangs blowing off steam (and each other’s ears) in the compound. But when Robert Hickey walked to the bar early in the morning, Dexter knew something was up. The normally ebullient Hickey was pale and drawn. His stare was fixed as he shambled across […]