The Vanguards of Darkwind
The life and times of the Vanguards, a gang struggling to survive in the wastelands of Evan, based on the game Darkwind by Psychic Software

Requiescat in pace

`Little` Bettye Cornell of The Vanguards died at Forever Yellow Skies. In a perfectly executed ambush, she climbed out of her Windsor to check on the unconscious pedestrian. Who fired a crossbow bolt at point blank range straight between the eyes. You will be missed.

James ‘Jimmy’ Ward, died on the Road to Elmsfield when Enrique Ockendo drove his ram-Landrunner into his side at 50. Some say it was an accident. Enrique is the new leader of the Vanguards.

`Big Don` Donald Amado – the original trucker, and the first lorry lost by the Vanguards. Three car rifles and a heavy machine gun stripped the armour bare, set fire to the truck, and, to his everlasting shame, Big Don panicked. He was executed by Death or Taxes for his cowardice.

Pedro Unzueta – crackshot with a crossbow, victim of a lucky shot from a car rifle while fleeing for the safety of Elmsfield

Kristopher `Gunny Zunny` Zuniga – gunner, died in an Elmsfield scout gone horribly wrong

Morgan Weems – novice gunner, died in a looted Eliminator at the Gates of Elmsfield, that others might live

`Big` Billie Hadley – large gunner, shot in the back of the head in the dying moments of a Pitbull deathrace

Donald Roman  – died while fighting in the Somerset Arena

Michael `Mikey` Hernandez – scout, disappeared on a courier run from Firelight to Badlands Truckstop

Santiago `Santos` Vallejo – scout, died in an ambush in the wind-swept dunes outside Somerset

`Professor` Gerald Weiner – doctor, gunner, future leader, gave his life that others may live

Olive `Twinkletoes` Richards, trucker, `Wee Willie` William Ruth, ebullient large gunner, Teresa `Tessa` Williams, gunner, died when their bus was overturned and destroyed by volley after volley of rocket fire   

Amy `Banestorm` Banuelos , the finest leader the Vanguards ever had, died with her bodyguard Darrell `Hillbilly` Jordan and fellow gunner, Agnes `Polska` Thomas in a cowardly ambush at the very gates of Gateway returning from a hard-fought engagement in the scattered hills south of the truckstop. The Vanguards will honour her name for eternity.

`Doctor` Harmony Wacker died when her Landrunner plunged into a ravine in the Elmsfield Hills Rally Circuit

Rosetta `Stone` Almendarez , scout, died defending the crew of a Last Leaf Trader Lorry

Howard `One-Eye` Spicer , leader and driver, died when his unarmoured Vampire crashed into a concrete barrier on the Somerset Dirt Racing Track at 90 mph

Charles McKinnon, large gunner, died in an attempt to claim a bounty from the people of Badlands Truckstop

Katherine Barbour died, and her deeds go unrecorded

Providencia Sierra, Ericka McKee died as they sought to make the Badlands safer; Steven Jones survived only to succumb to his wounds at the very gates of safety

Gene `Genie` Garcia and his passengers died crossing the volcanic hills to Firelight

Carla `Squirrel` Concepcion made it through the hills of Firelight, and died in sight of sanctuary

Carlos `Cojones` Henderson  and John Croteau died defending Honour or Death; they died, that others may live


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