The Vanguards of Darkwind
The life and times of the Vanguards, a gang struggling to survive in the wastelands of Evan, based on the game Darkwind by Psychic Software

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Hey Boss, look what I found.

March 11, 2008

“Hey Boss, look what I found.” Enrique Oquendo hurried into Dexter’s. His youthful face shone with enthusiasm and pride. In his hands he held a small rectangular object, wrapped in a bloodied shirt. “Sorry for the mess, boss. Didn’t have anything else to protect it from the dust, and I figured Xena’s cohort didn’t need […]

The girl who crossed the Badlands

January 15, 2008

The Mercenary rolled up to the fortified wall of the Badlands Truckstop. As it weaved its way into the compound, he could hear the dull slapping of rubber against the dusty, rocky road. A girl got out. No, he thought, a woman. She must have been in her mid-twenties. Not many live that long anymore. […]