The Vanguards of Darkwind
The life and times of the Vanguards, a gang struggling to survive in the wastelands of Evan, based on the game Darkwind by Psychic Software

The Vanguards of Darkwind

The Vanguards of Darkwind are a gang in the post-apocalyptic world of Evan. After a catastrophic solar flare, the Earth is reduced to irradiateed deserts, with only a handful of human survivors eking out an pitiful existence. Into this world emerged a new breed of warrior. Men and women who drove the powerful cars of yesteryear, reinforced with armour and festooned with heavy weaponry. The Death Racers.

This blog tells the story of the Vangaurds, led by Howard Spicer, as the struggle to make their their mark in a competitive and brutal world.

 About the author

Nicholas Lovell has been playing games for twenty-five years, both computer and board-based. He has worked in the games industry and is a keen writer.

You can find other examples of his work at, a website devoted to an alternative future Britain with a significant influence from Steve Jackson’s a href=””>Car Wars games.

 He is also a sailor, and you can find out more (and charter his boat) at


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